PortaSafe® Collection System

Are you concerned about the risks your employees take when struggling to empty standard trash containers. Avoid these dangers with the PortaSafe® collection system. The ergonomically PortaSafe is a simplistic, maintenance free, user-friendly system that reduces awkward lifting positions by eliminating the need to vertically lift heavy bags. Instead full bags are removed laterally from the front or rear of the unit.

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Build your PortaSafe® System to the needs of your facility.

Grow House

Build the perfect PortaSafe® System for your grow house.

Hospital / Medical

Whether setting up in the kitchen or being used to collect linens, Sibley Lab’s PortaSafe® System has a place in your hospital.


Customize your PortaSafe® System to the needs of your airport.

Ergonomic design

Sibley Lab’s PortaSafe® System is designed with you in mind. When it’s time change the bag, simply slide the bag out, no lifting required. No longer will you have to risk back injuries taking out the trash. Removing and replacing bags has never been easier or safer.

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  • The PortaSafe recycle system at our large Windsor facility, has reduced the rate of Recyclables in the refuse by 30% and while reducing a cost in use of the bags. The bags stay in place without falling into the container, while refill bags remain hidden in the bottom of the container. The color coded system is a big help in sorting the recyclables. Best part is the fact that the Employees love them.
    Tina Steel
    WM Sustainability Services
  • We have found significant reductions in labor and cleaning chemical cost in our facilities that we have made the conversion from old conventional plastic receptacles to the PortaSafe System. The cost savings along with our cleaning teams positive acceptance of the system have made PortaSafe our waste collection system of choice. We will continue to introduce your color-coded PortaSafe recycling system to our customers and see no reason why our customers who are interested in recycling stations wouldn't appreciate the same benefits we have found with PortaSafe Systems.
    Eric Ackerman
  • As one who has spent their career involved in the facilities maintenance and image of a major University Hospital, I can say that innovative systems such as yours that comply with employee safety, facility cleanliness and cost in use containment have benefited our organization, and for that we thank you.
    Antoinette Szweda
    Environmental Services U of M Hospitals
  • I love the PortaSafe System! We used to have tall cylinder trash cans that our employees would strain to pull their trash bags out of because of the suction. And with the PortaSafe bags, there is no suction, no straining, no effort. They can wheel them around to where they need the cans placed with very little effort.
    Susan Ludwiczak
    Lab Corp